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About Us:


Lux Eterna Foundation is a Non-for-profit Organization dedicated to assisting the rural but active poor women and men in overcoming poverty and also the discovery and promotion of talents in various ramifications and scholarship programmes for orphans and vulnerable children from primary to Secondary educational level. This foundation was formed as a medium for efficient poverty reduction/erradication.


Established in the year 2002 initially as a for-profit-organization, it is yet to be fully registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission as the registration process has already begun.


However, work must continue to go on prior to this as our society needs serious intervention in this ugly area of poverty which has marred our society for so many decades now. The efforts of the government has to be complemented with the efforts of the governed  in the achievement of the vision 2020 Millenium Development Goal if efficient poverty reduction has to be achieved. Our children need to go to school too as they have right to education - they need to be informed as future leaders of tomorrow if they must be able to surmount the various problems they may encounter in future. As a result, we offer schorlarship programmes to mainly the orphans and the vulnerables and hope to provide schoolbuildings in future for all children.


Education and micro finance have something in ccommon as they have been discovered to be some of the most effective ways of fighting poverty in our society. As a result, young talents need to be developed educationally too, since only little assistance can make the hard working excel and redirect the ugly course of their future from high dependence to very minimal or independence. This is why their parents too need to be assisted, that is through micro finance. With a good knowledge of entrepreneural skills and the associated hard work, porr parents can overcome their poverty and fend for their children including sponsoring them in good schools.


Our Goal:

Development of Human Resources for Efficient Poverty Reduction.


Our Vision:


To have a society where poverty is highly minimized or completely erradicated.


Our Objective:


- To Promote Micro Finance for the Rural but Active Poor.

- To Provide Schorlarship for the Education of the Orphans and Vulnerable Children.


- To discover and promote young talents.


- To provide hire purchase services to the industrious poor men and women in our society.


- To empower the active poor.

- To provide opportunities for self-reliance and to reduce poverty.


Our motto:


Empowering the Powerless.


Our Core Values:


Self Esteem, transparency, accountability and Justice.